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Stable Partnership with England-German Rotary Power Axial
Piston Pump / German Beinlich, VSE & DST Flow Volume Control and Regulation

Rotary Power Variable Pump Assembly Rotary Power Fixed Pump Assembly
Rotary Power C Range Axial Piston PumpTradebelt is one of major partners of England-German Rotary Power which is one of the biggest Hydraulic Pump Makers. Thus We apply Rotary Power C Range of Axial Piston Pump, German DST Magnetic Coupling & German VSE Flow Meter.

Each metering system is a precision Positive Displacement, double acting Axial Piston pump by a variable speed motor for adjustment of output and mixing ratio control.
The Trade Belt metering system has been field proven and accepted to perform with accuracy and repeatability well within the tolerances generally required by customers specifications.
German VSE Gear/Screw Flow Meter

Closed Loop Metering System

TradeBelt Closed Loop System is the Long-Term Result from the Closed Works with Rotary Power C-Range Metering Pump, DST Magnetic Coupling, VSE Gear/Screw Flow Meter and LG PLC System. It would guarantee the Customers´ Stable and Accurate Flow Metering Regulation. Closed_Loop

TB Standard Metering Section Line-up

Pump Cap. Output(g/sec) Electric Motor Magnetic Coupling Flow Meter
C01(2CC/rev) 50 ~ 100 50Hz/6P/3.75Kw/800rpm DST MAG/20 Nm VS 0.01 Gear Type
C04(6CC/rev) 100 ~ 300 50Hz/6P/5.5Kw/800rpm DST MAG/40 Nm VS 0.4 Gear Type
C07(11.5CC/rev) 300 ~ 800 50Hz/6P/7.5Kw/800rpm DST MAG/80 Nm VS 1 Gear Type
C20(33CC/rev) 800 ~ 1500 50Hz/4P/15kw/1100rpm DST MAG/180 Nm VS 2 Gear Type
C38(62CC/rev) 1500 ~ 2500 50Hz/4P/22kw/1100rpm DST MAG/275 Nm VS 4 Gear Type
P56(92CC/rev) 2500 ~ 3500 50Hz/4P/37kw/1100rpm DST MAG/275 Nm VS 4 Gear Type
C76(125CC/rev) 3500 ~ 5500 50Hz/4P/45kw/1100rpm DST MAG/450 Nm VS 10 Gear Type