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For the Zero Mechanical & Foam Tolerance
by the Well-Experienced, Elaborate Design & Metal Processing

TB-HM2532 TB-HM1014 I type Mix Head TB-HM1625
Trade Belt mix head is the vital part of every Polyurethane processing system.

It must ensure perfect mixing of the components in order to produce high-quality finished products.
Trade Belt mix head with an hydraulic power pack is mechanically self cleaning system.
It's double slope structure ensure better mixing efficiency than conventional type.

A wide variety of standard and specialty application mix heads are available to meet your production requirements.

Thus we will supply customized model for other output range upon customers'requirements by Elaborate Flow-Mechanic Design and Uniform Metal Working Technology.

TB Standard Model

Model Ejector Piston Mixing Chamber Piston Max. Output [1:1 (g/s)
Dia. Stroke Dia. Stroke Open Close
TB-HM1014 14 80 10 10 300 600
TB-HM1320 20 114 13 14 800 1000
TB-HM1625 25 144 16 17 1200 2000
TB-HM2532 32 190 25 23 2500 4100
TB-HMcustom Depending on Customers' Requirements